If you have been involved in kiosks we invite you to participate in the Kiosk Industry Group on LinkedIn. The group is a true "focus group" with members purely from the kiosk industry. Members range from suppliers such as HP, IBM, NCR, Frank Mayer, Source Technologies, Olea, Meridian and KIOSK for example to deployer members from Walgreens, Starwoods, Blackhawk Networks, Danube Supermarket, Gilbarco. Research companies such Summit and Frost Research are also members. is companion site for the Kiosk Industry Group which resides on LinkedIn. Here are some of those people in that group. To contact visit their website or contact via LinkedIn.

Tommy Woycik, President, NEXTEP SYSTEMS

NEXTEP SYSTEMS is a leading provider of self order kiosk solutions to restaurants, casinos, airports, stadiums, arenas, and deli operations.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Richard Morris
Experience: Director , Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Product Requirements Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Black Belt Six Sigma at Starwood Hotels 
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Greg Swistak, Director and VP, Elo TouchSystems
Designs and manufactures all types of touch devices including touchscreens and touch computers. Started Factura over 15 years ago.
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Alex Richardson, Managing Director, Selling Machine Partners
Began as founder of Lexitech which became Netkey. One of the driving forces in the self-service kiosk industry. SMP is one-stop marketing firm.
Advisory Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Edward Crowley, CEO and President
With roots in TeamLinux, Ed help found 5Point which designs and manufactures kiosk enclosures for all markets. 
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Frank Olea, President, Olea
A pioneer in the industry, Olea designs and manufactures all types of enclosures for self-service kiosks as well as exhibition and POP fixtures.
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Thomas Smith, President, Self-Service Networks
Industry pioneer with broad experience in retail and financial application development. Roots as a software engineer for retail and financial industries.
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Derek Fretheim, Owner, Acire Incorporated
Derek has 15+ years experience working with government, non-profit and the private sector. He understands successful public-private partnerships.
Derek runs a very successful consulting firm based in California now. 
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Ronald L. Bowers, Senior Vice President with Frank Mayer
Ron has been a driving force in the Industry for 25 years. Since working at Frank Mayer,  he helped establish some of the Industries early successes. 
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Brian Ardinger, Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation
Technology consultant, international marketing specialist, economic developer or researcher, my passion is to create remarkable results.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Christoph Niehus, CEO, Provisio
President and founder of Provisio based in Germany. Secure lockdown 
software Sitekiosk is primary product. SiteCafe and SiteRemote along 
payment bundle for Pay-For-Use unattended terminals.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Jim Kruper, President, KioWare
Provides secure lockdown client KioWare. Supports all types of devices
including proximity sensors, thin clients (XPe), and other peripherals. 
HR projects were and are one of the specialities of Kioware.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Hamed Shahbazi, CEO, TIO Networks
TIO is the pioneer in bill pay kiosks beginning with Circle K many years 
ago. Bill payment kiosks serve the underbanked with safe and secure payment. A myriad of additional personal financial services are available.
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Bob French, CEO & President, Mix and Burn
The world of music on demand is the focus area for Mix and Burn. M&B has the widest deployed base of iPod and Mp3 capable download stations.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Francie Mendelsohn, President, Summit Research & Associates
Summit Research began as only data firm solely focused on the kiosk self-service market. Francie is a much sought after speaker and lecturer at various industry events.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

David SarnaManaging Director at Hendon, Stamford Hill & Co.
In the early David pioneered kiosks with ObjectSoft.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Stephan Herron, Director Sales, Wacom EMEA
For many years Stephan worked for Elo TouchSystems in Brussels and serviced the self-service kiosk and gaming market across Europe.
Advisory Group  - Kiosk Industry Group

Robert Giblett -Sales Executive profile
Bob has many years of seasoned experience as Vice President of sales with Netkey, Slabb and King Products.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group


Robert Ventresca, VP Marketing, Netkey
Served in variety of roles at Netkey for last nine years.
Advisory Group - Kiosk Industry Group

Craig Keefner, Channel Manager, KIOSK
Began after moderating the kiosks newsgroup on Usenet. Worked on/for Target gift registry. IBM and Northwest Airlines.
Managing Member - Kiosk Industry Group

Joe Bushey

Joe Bushey 

President & CEO at POS World, Inc. & INTOUCH Interactive

Greater Atlanta Area

David Inch

David Inch 

Business Partner Client Rep. at IBM

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Richard Barnett

Richard Barnett 

Sales Director at Retec Interface

Leicester, United Kingdom

More members


Phillip Cutrone 

General Manager at Hewlett-Packard

Houston, Texas Area


Pete Snyder 

Kiosk consulting

Greater Denver Area


Richard Barnett 

Sales Director at Retec Interface

Leicester, United Kingdom


Tim Stith 

Central Sales at KIOSK Information Systems

Greater Denver Area


Abhishek Ranjan 

Enterprise Architect at Safeway

San Francisco Bay Area


Neil Farr 

Managing Director at Working Solutions (Creative IT) ltd

Leicester, United Kingdom


Joe Bushey 

President & CEO at POS World, Inc. & INTOUCH Interactive

Greater Atlanta Area


David Inch 

Business Partner Client Rep. at IBM

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Gary Strachan 

PSTS at IBM Global Services

Phoenix, Arizona Area


Stephan Herron 

Director Component Sales EMEA at Wacom Components



Robert Ventresca 

VP Marketing at Netkey

Greater New York City Area


Derek Fretheim 

Owner, Acire, Incorporated

Greater Los Angeles Area


Khaled Aljaser 

Manager at KTS



Greg Swistak 

Director at Tyco Electronics

Rochester, New York Area


Patty Rumfellow McCann 

Regional Sales Manager at Kiosk Information Systems

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area


Alex Rozenbaum 

Project Manager at Walgreens

Greater Chicago Area


Brian Prezgay 

Regional Sales Director at Netkey

Phoenix, Arizona Area


Robert Giblett 

VP Sales & Marketing at Meridian Kiosks, LLC

Toronto, Canada Area


Steve A Krebsbach 

Sales Manager at Elo Touchsystems

Greater Denver Area


·         Korosh Delnawaz 

President at Whitech USA Inc and Owner, Whitech USA Inc

Greater New York City Area


Joe Delgado 

Client Executive at IBM

Tucson, Arizona Area


Peter Slifka 

Hospitality Consultant

Greater New York City Area


Frank Tang 

chief achitecture & key developer

Toronto, Canada Area


Edward Crowley 

Kiosk Veteran and Digital Signage Entrepreneur

Dayton, Ohio Area


Emmanuel Gonnet 

Software CEO

Toronto, Canada Area


Peter Kaszycki 

President / CEO at Vertical Alliance LLC

Greater Atlanta Area


Peter Finn 

IT Architect at IBM

Toronto, Canada Area


Heinz Horstmann 


Greater Chicago Area


Jeff Barber 

Business Analyst at Slalom Consulting

Greater Seattle Area


Sue Page 

VP US Sales at Pixology Inc

Greater New York City Area


James Kruper 

President KioWare Kiosk Software

York, Pennsylvania Area


Frank Olea 

Owner, Olea Inc.

Greater Los Angeles Area


Bruce Rasa 

Director, Solutions Management - Entertainment at NCR

Greater Atlanta Area


Chris Kelly 

Director of Marketing at ID TECH

Greater Los Angeles Area


Vinod Jacob 

IT/Project Manager at Whitech USA

Greater New York City Area


Steven Jeziorski 

Sr. Western Regional Sales Representative at Kiosk Information Systems

Greater Denver Area


Kirk Nelson 

Associate Vice President at ArcaTech Systems

Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area


Bill Phelps 

Business Dev Manager at Zebra Technologies

Providence, Rhode Island Area


Thomas Smith 

Entrepreneur and Pioneer in the Self-Service Industry

Providence, Rhode Island Area

Francie Mendelsohn

President at Summit Research Associates, Inc.

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tom Ceh 

Experienced High Tech Sales and Marketing Executive, Digital Photo Solutions, Self Service Kiosks and Digital Signage.

Vancouver, Canada Area


Jerry Schweickart 

Independent Design Professional

Cincinnati Area


Mike James 

President, Kiosk Group, Inc.

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Rufus Connell 

Research Director at Frost & Sullivan

San Francisco Bay Area



Bill Lynch 

Vice President Strategic Development, Source Technologies

Charlotte, North Carolina Area


Hamed Shahbazi 

CEO at TIO Networks

Vancouver, Canada Area


Tony Caporicci 

Chief Executive Officer

Las Vegas, Nevada Area


Rusty Martin 

Product Manager at DynaTouch

Greater Denver Area


Kris Haner 

National Sales Manager at HP

Colorado Springs, Colorado Area


Mark Sampey 

Business Development Manager at AMATICA

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom


Lawrence Dvorchik 

General Manager of The Digital Signage Show & General Manager of KioskCom Self Service Expo

Greater New York City Area


Bob French 

President at Mix & Burn

Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area


Anand Subramanian 

CTO & VP, Mindspan Systems Inc

Greater Atlanta Area


Duane Fahey 

Owner, Visual Automation, Inc.

Lansing, Michigan Area


Tommy Woycik 


Greater Detroit Area


David McCracken 

President at Livewire Kiosk, Inc.

York, Pennsylvania Area


Mario Boglione 

Customer Relationships across the border !!

Reading, United Kingdom


Rick Wessels 

EVP at Self-Service Networks

Providence, Rhode Island Area


Marty Sedlacek 

Global Account Manager

Austin, Texas Area


·         Asad Jobanputra 

Director, Application Solutions at Esprida Corporation

Toronto, Canada Area


Steve Schott 

President at Comark

Greater Boston Area


Brian Berg 

Experienced B2C Digital Marketing Consultant, Human Interface Usability Specialist, and Instructional Designer

Phoenix, Arizona Area


David Sarna 

Managing Director at Hendon, Stamford Hill & Co.

Greater New York City Area


James Williamson 

Partner, MethodFactory

Sarasota, Florida Area


Alex Richardson 

Managing Director, Selling Machine Partners, eCommerce Consultant, Polo Ralph Lauren

Greater New York City Area


Brian Ardinger 

Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation

Lincoln, Nebraska Area


Chris Bonavita 

Sales Manager - Financial Services at MEI Group

Greater Philadelphia Area


Todd Ablowitz 

President at Ablowitz Consulting, LLC

Greater Denver Area


Tim Burke 

Owner, Electronic Art LLC

Cincinnati Area


Donna Stevens 

Self-Service Program Manager at NCR

Greater Atlanta Area


Kevin Michael Harrigan 

Vice President of Self Service Solutions

Charlotte, North Carolina Area


Keith Wilson 

Account Manager at Nextep Systems

Greater Detroit Area


Paul Kirkland 

Business Development Manager at Retec Interface

Leicester, United Kingdom


Bryan Beseler 

CEO and Founder

Phoenix, Arizona Area


Tony Burkardt 

Retail sales & Operation at Sonman Inc

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area


Doug Chimuk 

General Manager at INTOUCH Interactive

Winnipeg, Canada Area


Chris Gilder 

CEO at Meridian Kiosks

Fayetteville, North Carolina Area


Doug Limin 

Manager, Creative Services at Esprida Corporation

Toronto, Canada Area


Ed Menard 

Senior IT Architect at IBM

Austin, Texas Area


·         Frank Shen 

Director of Product Marketing at American Portwell Technologies

San Francisco Bay Area


Tal Erez 

International Marketing Manager at Kadouri Industrial Design



Nick Hughes 

Client Services Director - Eden Industries

Northampton, United Kingdom


John Lucksiri 

Independent Design Professional

Toronto, Canada Area


John Shandley 

Managing Director at Xtranet Kiosk

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom


Paul Burden 

Software Manager at King Products and Solutions Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area


Mark Bolt 

Product Development Manager at Blackhawk Network (a sub. of Safeway, Inc.)

San Francisco Bay Area


Brad Iverson 

Travel & Transportation Self-Service Solutions at IBM

Greater Chicago Area


Joseph Nakhla 

COO at TIO Networks

Vancouver, Canada Area


Jonathan Arfin 

CEO at SeePoint, Integrated Kiosk Technology

Greater Los Angeles Area


Richard Petry 

Owner, P3 Services, LLC.

Billings, Montana Area


Kevin Lee 

Consultant; Touchscreen, Kiosk Expertise in the UK and Europe

Reading, United Kingdom


Jason Heaney 

Project Manager

Sydney Area, Australia


Soheil Samimi 

President, iMOZI

Montreal, Canada Area


Amber Lee 

Sr. Director of Digital Media & User Experience at Netkey

Greater New York City Area


Richard Morris 

Director Product Requirements Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Greater New York City Area


Paul Laracy 

Sales and Business Development Professional

Greater Boston Area


Rob Brinkmeyer 

Director of Business Development at Electronic Art

Cincinnati Area


Craig Pozen 

Owner, The Kiosk Store

Phoenix, Arizona Area


Graham Mackey 

Int'l Project Manager at King Products & Solutions Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area


·         Steinar Magnussen 

Sales Director at Worksmedia Ltd

Oslo Area, Norway


Melissa Worthington 

COO Mix & Burn

Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area


Mike Dymond 

Owner, Coldhorizon Ltd

Swindon, United Kingdom


John L. Moore 

Manager, Interactive/CRM Technologies and Data Warehouse at BI-LO, LLC

Greenville, South Carolina Area


Warren Rosen 

V/P Sales at TTSS Interactive Products

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Taff Jones 

Sales Manager at Dicoll Ltd

Reading, United Kingdom


Thomas Knight 

Director of Information Technology at Fieldstone Academy, Member [LION]

Flagstaff, Arizona Area


Brad Buscher 

Independent Information Technology and Services Professional

Greater Denver Area


Matt Kohut 

Sr. Account Exec. at Meridian Kiosks

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area


David Tipp 

Industrial Designer at Phoenix Kiosk Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona Area


Phil Liaboe 

Regional Sales Manager at Elo TouchSystems - Tyco Electronics

Greater Boston Area


Antonio Pena 

President at AMP Computer Consultants

Toronto, Canada Area


Timothy Daw 

Owner, Cannings Cross Farms

Swindon, United Kingdom


Pablo Hoberman 

Owner, Urbis Execuive Offices

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area


Rudolf Ratajc 

National Account Manager

Charlotte, North Carolina Area


George Hansen 

Director - Digital River - oneNetworkDirect

Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area


Ronald L. Bowers 

Senior Vice President, Business Development at Frank Mayer & Associates

Greater Milwaukee Area


Jeff Breazeale 

Director of Sales

Greater Detroit Area


Wim Haarsma 

Lean - Clean - Green

Eindhoven Area, Netherlands


Tal Kadouri 

Product Designer, owner and manager of Xi Modular Design



·         Matt Buscher 

Principal of Data Express Technology, Inc

San Francisco Bay Area


Damien Shaw 

Information Technology and Services Consultant

South Brisbane Area, Australia


Mark Nanchy 

Director of Sales at Experticity

Dallas/Fort Worth Area


Dan Stiel 

Dealmaker and Marketing Innovator

Greater Los Angeles Area


Andy Pinkard 

Builder of Products, Revenue,& Customer Relationships

Reading, United Kingdom


Raja Choudhury 

design | new media | film | architecture

Delhi Area, India


Stéphan COPART 

Project Manager, Fast Travel at IATA

Geneva Area, Switzerland


Rob Grimes 

Chairman at Accuvia and Owner, Accuvia

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Mike Jones 

COO at Opera Glass Networks

Greater St. Louis Area


Chris Selland 

Board Member at Snow Beverages

Greater Boston Area


Johan Vandewalle  

IT & Creative director at I-Touchsystems BVBA

Bruges Area, Belgium


Michael F. Rigato  

Director of Corporate Development at Signifi Solutions Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area


Dave Heyliger  

Independent Computer Software Professional

Greater Denver Area


Pablo Rocchi  

President at DIVERBANK



Andrew Savala  

Owner at RedSwimmer Incorporated

Fresno, California Area


Daniel Tomasescu  

Director of Software Engineering

Paris Area, France


Matthew Reckner  

Shop24 Vice President of Operations

Columbus, Ohio Area


Jon Trettel  

Owner/Creative Director at Vetta-Zelo Inc

Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area


Zia Siddiqui  

Director - WAVETEC



Pål Berg  

CEO at Gobex and co-owner, Gobex



·         Will Locke  

Product Manager, Patient Access

Greater Boston Area


Nicolae MOLDOVAN  

Team Leader at K-POS Software



Barry Pon  

Engineering, Operations, Program Management Professional at Xperex Corporation

San Francisco Bay Area


Christopher Grey  

Chief Technology Officer

Orlando, Florida Area


Riyad Al-Hafeez  


Saudi Arabia


Mark Weedon  

PCI DSS Consultant

London, United Kingdom


Troy Knutson  

Help Desk Team Lead, IT at Thales Avionics, Inc.

Greater Los Angeles Area


Sabra Davis  

Retail Management and Purchasing

Providence, Rhode Island Area


Paul Stahl  

Sales Manager at DynaTouch Corporation

San Antonio, Texas Area


Vann Duggins  

CEO of GivingKIOSK

Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area


Jim Murphy  

Business Development Professional

Greater Boston Area


John Carroll  

CEO of Intelio Technologies

Greater Los Angeles Area


Cindi Helsel, SPHR-CA  

Human Resources Manager

Greater San Diego Area


Joe Dawson  

Southeast Account Manager at Infologix

Greater Atlanta Area


Stephen Burns  

General Manager Marketing & Commercial at Hi Speed Internet Kiosks Pty Ltd

South Brisbane Area, Australia




Paris Area, France


Robert Leo  

Regional Account Manager at Gilbarco Veeder Root

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area


Jean-Francois VERMONT  

Owner, PFLS

Paris Area, France


Craig Keefner 

KIOSK Self Service Channel Manager

Greater Denver Area

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