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Alula kiosks giving cash for unwanted gift cards

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agle location for 21 units trialling new Coinstar service. Turn in your old gift cards for money.
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PURCHASE, N.Y. and QUINCY, Mass., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Customers utilizing the Coinstar(® )kiosks at all Stop & Shop stores, now have the option of placing the full value of their coins, without fees, onto a Stop & Shop gift card. In addition, customers also have the option to select a gift card from a variety of national retailers and e-retailers. The gift cards are immediately activated and can be used the same day.
NORTH HOUSTON, TX - Visitors to Willowbrook Mall now have a new and easy way to purchase a gift card. The shopping center's Shop Etc. Mall Gift Card kiosk, located near Subway in the Food Court, is the new definition of fast and convenient shopping. Guests simply make their selection by using the easy-to-follow instructions on the touch-screen monitor.

Self Service Gift Card Selling Solution

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Self-Service Networks, a provider of turnkey self-service solutions, introduces GiftWise, a complete program for selling, activating, and dispensing gift cards within the retail setting. GiftWise is cost-effective and easy to implement, allowing gift cards to be sold anywhere, anytime.

GiftWise is a self-service program that offers a consistent experience while decreasing operational costs. At the core of the all-inclusive program is an interactive kiosk. The sleek design and easy-to-use touch screen interface easily guide users through the process of purchasing gift cards. Customers can select the quantity of cards, as well as the specific dollar amount for each. After payment is processed, the gift card is activated and dispensed on the spot.

"GiftWise is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to sell gift cards," said Thomas Smith, president of Self-Service Networks. "This product will be of immense help to malls and retailers, especially those looking to save money or increase their gift card sales."

"Whether they're looking to start a gift card program or expand an existing one, shopping centers and retail stores will see a strong benefit to GiftWise," Smith added. 

A GiftWise pilot program was implemented during the 2007 holiday season with partner HQ Gift Cards, a division of Stored Value Solutions. A leading mall property group deployed five kiosks in separate mall locations.

"The test verified the reliability of the technology and the consumers' willingness to utilize GiftWise," said Rick Wessels, executive vice president of Self-Service Networks.  "We are fully prepared for a strategic rollout."

GiftWise can improve the point-of-sale and reallocate staff time to customer service. The kiosks also help to eliminate long lines and reduce the customer frustration often associated with the busiest times of the year - particularly during the holiday season.

"We understand how busy malls and stores can be during the holidays," said Rick Wessels, executive vice president of Self-Service Networks. "GiftWise can help to alleviate some of that stress while lowering the cost of selling gift cards."

Not only is GiftWise fast and easy to use, the kiosks are built with multiple security features to aid in the prevention of fraud. Also, as part of the total product package, the kiosks can be remotely accessed to provide seamless content management and periodic updates as needed. GiftWise includes monitoring services from Self-Service Networks' Support Team, and usage and sales reports are available via a secure, customizable web portal. 

For more information, visit or call 888-666-8346.

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