Kiosks keep money dry at theme park (video)

Nice video illustrating wristbands as your wallet in amusement park, You recharge your wristbands at outdoor kiosks located thruout the park. MDKS Fithco hw and Siriusware for software.

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Guests at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, no longer have to worry about having their cash lost or stolen or getting it soaked on water slides. The park has deployed a "HoliCash" kiosk system to allow visitors to enjoy the theme park without carrying cash. This will be the second season for the kiosks manufactured by MDKS Fithco, contracted through the company's POS provider, Siriusware. The park tested the kiosks last year, and based on those positive results, will heavily promote them this season, said Paula Werne, the park's director of communications.

How it works

Guests can purchase wrist bands at the front gate and then load money onto them by scanning them at kiosks throughout the park. The machines take cash or credit cards. Bands can be used to pay for anything in the park from food and drinks to stroller rental and souvenirs.

"The kiosks are for guest convenience and ours as well. Last season we were able to move several of the kiosks as we determined where they would best be utilized," she said. "(Customers) appreciate having a park host or hostess nearby to assist, though.

ROI isn't available since the park has only tested the system for a few months, but Werne expects to to get get a good idea of it this year.

"We expect to be able to assess its effectiveness this season. This is a service we wish to provide to our guests, so our 'R' will largely be measured in guest satisfaction," she said.

Watch below as Park President Dan Koch gives a demo of the HoliCash Kiosk.

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