Kiosk Industry Group Awards for CETW

Press release by Kiosk Industry Group releasing award winners for recent CETW show in San Franciscon.

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As part of the Kiosk Industry Group's commitment to the kiosk industry, we presented our choices for this year's "Best in Show" last week at Customer Engagement Technology World in San Francisco.

These awards, voted on by peers, began in 1999, and have a long history of highlighting the projects on display at the show that best epitomize the positive nature of the kiosk industry.

Key criteria for the awards are:

  • Success in the real market-- the more deployments the higher the score.
  • Good kiosk design exemplified -- ADA (American Disability) and other regulations
  • Transactions and ROI models -- Does it make sense?

There are other criteria, but those three are the primary ones that I, and two other judges from the group,  used to choose the winners. Now onto the awards.

Source link on KioskMarketplace

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